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Welcome to everyone visiting the homepage of school of materials science and engineering.
The two departments founded each at 1966 and 1968 as the name of department of metal engineering and the department of material engineering have been taking charge of the major role of a competent person education and the developments of the domestic material engineering industry over 40 years.
Department of material science and engineering is building the education and research system to make students acquire high-technology knowledge and have an international competitiveness, following the international technology changes which is like the information, nano, bio and environment/energy technology.
Department of material science and engineering has 25 professors having distinguished researching experience and results under the purpose which is to educate the international professionals who have the ability to acquire the expertise, an elementary knowledge to research development and can actively cope with the environment changing rapidly, compete with the internationalization.
Researching fields conducting the specialized research are the nano-function, information-display, bio, and environment/energy materials and so on.
Our department maximizes education effect and internationally competitive research performance through the scientific interchange with the predominant foreign colleges.
Finally, the ultimate goal of MSE is to create materials which contribute to the national competitive and make MSE leader in global education.